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Boss Talk on GD | We are expanding our business in the GBA: CEO of AGC Display Glass China

01/10/2023 Source: newsgd.com


Editor's Note: Guangdong's 2023 Two Sessions will kick off on January 10. During the sessions, the 2023 Government Work Report will be released to unveil the blueprint for future socio-economic development. According to the Economic Work Conference of Guangdong province held earlier this month, Guangdong will optimize the foreign trade structure, encourage more foreign investment, improve outsourcing quality, develop close foreign economic relations, and attract more global talent. Many multinationals in Guangdong have seen great development opportunities. Now GDToday is launching a special series "Boss Talk on Guangdong". Please stay tuned.

Fukuda Toshiyuki, CEO of AGC Display Glass China, is looking forward to expanding the company’s business in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA), after AGC founded a company producing TFT-LCD glass in Guangdong’s Shenzhen city 12 years ago.

“Our main business here is LCD glass production. In addition, AGC group is doing business of glass for automobiles, cover glass for smart phones and chemicals in Guangdong,” Fukuda told GDToday in a recent interview. He furthered that AGC is building a new glass factory in Huizhou, a city in central-east Guangdong Province and also one of the 11 GBA cities, to meet the increasing need of local customers.

“We understand that the Greater Bay Area could give us lots of advantages to do business and compete with our global competitors, because this area has huge market, strong social infrastructure, advanced government services, many international leading-edge companies and so on,” he elaborated.

In addition, Fukuda noted the Guangdong government has been a strong supporter for AGC’s development. “Our company has been certified as a significant project business in Shenzhen, and we have obtained a certain subsidy in this connection,” he said.

AGC solar power plant in Shenzhen (Photo/sznews.com)

Shenzhen Qianhai & Shekou FTZ Power Supply Co., Ltd. has cooperated with AGC and established a solar power plant in Shenzhen, which started operation in November 2022. The project is expected to generate 150 million kilowatt hours of clean electricity over its entire life cycle of 25 years, contributing to China’s carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals, which are set to be achieved by 2030 and 2060 respectively.

“The Guangdong government understands well our situation and supports us always,” Fukuda said. “And the business environment is one of the most advanced in the world.”

Reporter | Lydia Liu, Liu Simin

Editor |Wing, Olivia, Steven, Nan, Jerry