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Young entrepreneur: Qianhai is full of opportunities and challenges

11/10/2023 Source: newsgd.com


"The biggest charm of Qianhai is that everything is brand new," said Linda, brand manager of CoasTea, when it comes to her impression of Qianhai. In 2021, attracted by Qianhai's favorable geographical location and preferential policies, Linda, a 33-year-old girl from Guangdong's Chaoshan region, opened a teahouse in Qianhai named CoasTea.

Linda said they were actually working on a new business. "Although the traditional Chinese tea culture has a history of thousands of years, modern Chinese teahouse presents a new trend nowadays," she said.

She furthered that Qianhai was not only an area full of opportunities and challenges, but also an innovation base that embraces many redefined things. "People here can understand each other better, and we all share a passion for entrepreneurship."

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