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Guangdong Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises List unveiled

11/23/2023 Source: newsgd.com


On November 21st, the 2023 Guangdong Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises Summit was held in Foshan, where "the 2023 Research Report on Guangdong Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises" was released.

Amer International Group, Huawei, Foxconn, BYD, and Midea ranked in the top five, while Guangzhou Industrial Investment Holdings (GIIHG), GREE, TCL, China Shipping Company, and ZTE ascended into the top ten.

The total revenue of the top 500 companies reached 5.6 trillion RMB, an increase of 1.2% compared to 2022. The expansion of these companies has been significant; however, the rate of revenue growth year-over-year has experienced a decline.

More specifically, there are 58 companies with revenue exceeding 10 billion RMB, with a total revenue of 4.71 trillion RMB, making up 84.1% of the total revenue of the top 500 companies. In terms of net profit, the total net profit of all these top companies is 286.481 billion RMB, a decrease of 21.9% compared to the 2022 level.

From the perspective of their distribution in different cities, 133 of the top 500 enterprises are in Shenzhen, 70 in Foshan, 68 in Guangzhou, 55 in Dongguan, 49 in Zhuhai, and 39 in Jiangmen. The number of listed companies from these six cities (a sum of 414 companies) constituted 82.8% of all.

The report shows that there is an increase in R&D investment of the shortlisted companies. Among the top 500 companies, 484 companies have invested in research and development, accounting for 96.8%, while 476 companies enjoy patent authorizations, accounting for 95.2%.

The top 500 companies are distributed in 24 industries, a share of 77.4% of the 31 manufacturing industries in China. This reflects that Guangdong's manufacturing industry has fostered a comprehensive manufacturing system that covers all fields, as well as the presence of large and medium-sized enterprises with strong competitiveness in most fields.

Editor | Bai Xinyi, Ariel, James