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Airport transportation hub to be new commercial complex in GBA

12/01/2022 Source: Chinadaily.com.cn


The Zhuhai Airport Comprehensive Transportation Hub project in Jinwan District will be built into an urban commercial complex that provides brand-new travel experiences for passengers, according to Zhuhai Hangcheng Airport Construction Co, a subsidiary of the project's constructor Zhuhai Aviation City and Airport Group.

A major construction project of Zhuhai in the 14th Five Year Plan period (2021-25), the hub will be built at a cost of 8.05 billion yuan ($1.11 billion). It will occupy land area of 214,000 sqm (53 acres) and floorage of 581,000 sqm (134 acres), featuring facilities like commercial centers, hotels, office buildings, and apartments themed around aerospace elements.


Rendering of Zhuhai Airport Comprehensive Transportation Hub project[Photo by Zhang Zhou / Guanhai App]

The approach bridges of the viaduct of Zhuhai (Jinwan) Airport's Terminal 1 were closed for demolition on Nov 21. The new viaduct that will connect the airport's Terminal 1 with the upcoming Terminal 2 is under construction and is projected to start operation after July 2023. 

Construction of the hub's foundation pit supporting and pile foundation has been completed, while similar work for its basement is currently underway. 

Described as a "multi-dimensional, intelligent, and efficient air-land integrated urban hub complex with aerospace characteristics," the hub will realize seamless transfers between air, MRT, metro, bus, taxi, and private transportation modes.

Of note, a four-story commercial center with a business volume of 25,500 sqm (6.3 acres) will be built in the "golden" area of the hub. It will have large anchor stores, with total floorage of 7,000 sqm (1.7 acres), which will be built into aerospace-themed entertainment halls with VR space travel and simulated flight experiences. Investment attraction work for distinctive catering, fashion entertainment, and other supporting services has already started.