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Street Talk - How this event affects you and me

03/08/2021 Source: newsgd.com


“The concern is my stay permit because I'm currently on a 3-month visa due to the Covid-19 pandemic”, said Noel, a Singaporean businessman who has been living in China for 3 years.

“I'm very interested in the opening-up and easing up foreign investment and trade”, said Jari from Finland who has been in China for 5 years.

“I think that the regulations for online teaching are important”, answered by Oscar, a teacher from Colombia, when asked about his focus on China.

However, they can find all of the answers for their concerns through an event that is ongoing in China now. What is this event and how can this event affect them? Ziv and Fernando, two guest hosts of GDToday, will lead you to find the answers.

Producer: Zhao Yang

Director: Keane, Jasmine

Editor: Axin

Host: Ziv, Fernando