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Video | A fresh look at the 127th Canton Fair in a day

06/22/2020 Source: newsgd.com


The 127th Canton Fair is being held online between June 15th and 24th.

A barometer of China's foreign trade, the Fair, held online for the first time in its 63-year history, is also the largest trade fair since the beginning of the pandemic.

Breaking through the limitations of time and space, the digital fair is an unprecedented trade initiative, offering comprehensive 24-hour service for exhibitors and buyers from around the globe to hold negotiations and do businesses.

While most trade fairs have been postponed or canceled around the world, China rises to the challenge and launches the unprecedented online Canton Fair.

Newsgd.com and Southern Metropolis Daily zoom in on the front stage of the Fair and behind the scenes, with exhibitors and buyers from all over the world.

Producers:Hu Jian, Mei Zhiqing

Schedule Planners:Wing Zhang, Chen Weibin, Olivia Yang

Planners:Keane Wong, Nan Hu

Video:Chen Canrong, Fang Yuyan (intern)

Designer:Mia Lai

Subtitles/Script:Monica Liu

English editor:Jerry