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HK pilot Lau Waiwai: hopes to train more pilots for our country

09/08/2021 Source: newsgd.com


Lau Waiwai, a Hong Kong flight instructor in 9 Air Airlines, has been working in Guangzhou since 2014.

When he was young, his mother suggested he become a pilot and supported him to join a training organization in Australia. Later, he was admitted to the Civil Aviation Flight University of China. In 2014, he join 9 Air, a new airline based in Guangzhou.

As a Hong Kong native, Lau has deep feelings for the Chinese mainland. He spent his childhood in Beijing, attended college in Sichuan and Henan province, and now works in Guangdong province.

He wants to continue contributing to this industry. "In addition to flying safely, as a flight instructor, I hope to train more pilots for the blue skies of our country."

Text: Olivia Feng (intern), Nan

Video: Holly, Olivia Feng (intern)

Editor: Wing, Olivia Ouyang, Jerry