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Bilingual guideline on tax subsidies application released

10/08/2021 Source: Szdaily.com


The Qianhai Tax Service of the State Taxation Administration recently released a bilingual version of its guideline on individual income tax subsidies and data check for foreign talents and urgently needed talents.

A total of 29 listed, headquarters enterprises and outstanding small and medium-sized enterprises registered in Qianhai have received the bilingual guideline as they are employers of some overseas high-end talents and urgently needed talents.

Previously, the operation and query pages for the subsidy application were totally Chinese, which was difficult for some expats to complete the application procedures independently.

The bilingual guideline was produced to help foreign talents complete the application process smoothly, tax officials said. Relevant sample graphs and bilingual annotations are added to the guideline, which allows applicants clearly understand the concrete application steps.

A lady surnamed Zhou, financial manager of Whittle School & Studios, said eight qualified expat teachers of the school have successfully completed the individual income tax subsidy application under the help of the bilingual guideline.

Ding Hao, director of the Qianhai Tax Service, said that with the issuance of the new development plan for Qianhai, a more complete expat talents service guarantee system and a more open talent attraction and management system are expected to be established in Qianhai.

“As the tax authority in Qianhai, we are pledged to provide better and diversified tax services for taxpayers and talents from Hong Kong, Macao and foreign countries, so as to help Qianhai attract global talents and create a world-class business environment,” Ding said.