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Guangzhou to attract more international talent

01/06/2021 Source: Chinadaily.com.cn


TheRegulation of Guangzhou on Science and Technology Innovationwas recently approved at the 44th session of the Standing Committee of the 15th Guangzhou Municipal People's Congress, and will be implemented following approval by the Guangdong Provincial People's Congress Standing Committee.

According to the regulation, Guangzhou will build a technological innovation axis linking the city's key nodes, with the China-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City and the Nansha Science and Technology City at the two ends, and will attract first-tier talents, colleges and universities, research institutions, and sci-tech enterprises from around the nation.

It is also proposed that development of core technologies in key areas such as artificial intelligence, integrated circuits, intelligent connected vehicles, biomedicine, brain science and brain-like research, new energy, as well as new materials, will be supported.

Guangzhou will also increase funding for training and introducing sci-tech talents, carry out pilot programs for skilled migration, construct apartments for skilled workers, and implement a green card system for talents, which will ensure that high-level sci-tech talents without household registration in Guangzhou will enjoy the same treatment as local citizens.

According to the regulation, Guangzhou will focus on bringing in and training four types of high-level sci-tech talents and teams.

These are: international top strategic scientists and teams of scientists in basic research or core technology research in strategic emerging industries; talent teams initiating strategic industrial projects, extending industrial chains and mastering core technologies; talents and talent teams in the high-end service industries for sci-tech innovation; and talents and talent teams recognized by the Guangzhou municipal government that play a leading role in sci-tech innovation and entrepreneurship or industrial development in Guangzhou.