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Direct high-speed train to link Zhuhai and Zhanjiang

10/10/2019 Source: newsgd.com


Passengers will be able to travel between Zhuhai and Zhanjiang via the much-awaited high-speed train when it’s put into use on October 11th. Tickets are already on sale, according to the train department.

For a fare of just 243 yuan (for a second-class seat) and in just 4 hours and 7 minutes, the train starting from Zhanjiang West Station will travel through Maoming, Yangjiang , Enping, Xinhui, Guangzhou South and Zhongshan before finally arriving in Zhuhai.

The train starting from Zhuhai will take 4 hours and 21 minutes and stop at Zhongshan, Guangzhou South, Xinhui, Kaiping South, Yangjiang, Mata, Dianbai and Maoming.

Currently, passengers either have to take a six-hour direct bus to commute between two places, or a train and transfer at Guangzhou South Station or Xiaolan Station, which takes a minimum of five hours.

The new line will benefit both Zhuhai and Zhanjiang residents, but also cities along the route. It’s expected to accelerate the connection between Zhuhai and the Pearl River West region, and facilitate the talent flow from Pearl River West into Zhuhai to boost the city’s development.