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Siemens smart tech empowers Hengqin German City

06/13/2019 Source: Chinadaily.com.cn


Siemens opened the first Smart Campus Demonstration Showroom in the Greater Bay Area on June 10 to promote itself, intelligent building, smart energy, and intelligent transportation from what was announced as Hengqin German City.

The showroom features German technology, industry, culture and education, and business. Covering 150,000 sq m (37 acres), Hengqin German City is sited south of Gang'ao Avenue. The "city" will have six German-style streets and blocks for socializing, high-end shopping, culture and education, healthcare, and medical treatment.

"With our advanced technologies in the fields of electrification, automation, and digitalization, Siemens will help the Greater Bay Area achieve a digital transformation," said company VP Shang Huijie. Its full campus will open in 2021.


Smart Campus Demonstration Showroom

Siemens plans to bring together solutions and applications for intelligent infrastructure, and integrate smart energy, green intelligent building, and intelligent parking into a smart campus digital management platform. It is designed to help urban or campus customers improve overall competitiveness with complete digital solutions.

The platform supports many IoT-Ready assets, integrating Siemens' massive data in vertical areas such as air quality, buildings, transportation, energy, environment, and safety. Through dynamic real-time visualization, it provides an early warning and decision-making mechanism for managers and decision makers. The platform covers urban IoT asset management, operational environment monitoring, equipment performance, visual analysis, and preventive maintenance. It tailors IoT solutions for urban or campus customers.


VR experience

For instance, visitors can learn about the production process of a smart auto manufacturing plant, from taking an order, customizing auto models, and simulating production, to product completion, virtual display, and tryout, with virtual reality (VR) devices.

Meanwhile, European and American enterprises will be brought in from Hong Kong, Macao, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen. Messe Düsseldorf, one of the five largest exhibition ground operators, will showcase the latest German new-energy vehicles in its international convention & exhibition center.

Dieter Lamlé, German consul general of the Hong Kong and Macao SARs; Niu Jing, CPC secretary of Hengqin New Area Administrative Committee; and other senior officials and executives were at the opening ceremony.